U.S. Government Essay

Interview Someone: Find someone who is more politically active than you and conduct an interview in order to learn more about why people participate in the political process. Use their interview responses, your own experience, and the textbook to write a paper discussing the factors that influence people’s level of political participation (including your own […]

Complete Human Development Discussion Post

Assignment 1: Parenting Styles Parents demonstrate varying levels of warmth, expectations for adherence to rules, and openness of communication with children. Understanding the characteristics and outcomes associated with parenting styles can guide you in helping parents develop the most effective skills for raising their children. Tasks: Use online library resources, and the Internet to review […]

Write a summary of two pages

Requirements: 1) High quality journal publications (no Wikipedia) 2) Thorough summary of publication intent. 3) NO COPY AND PASTE 4) Please attach the publications cited in the summary. 5) Summary Format: i. Title of paper ii.Summary iii. Citation The link for the article: https://www.princeton.edu/~cml/assets/publicity/Nanocomposites200705.pdf

Edit research topic

Pleas read the professor comments on the attached. The topic of the research is : Women’s Marsh of 2017 Guideline of the paper: First Page : Sub-heading 1: Sentences for Research topic Sub-heading 2: Research Question Sub-heading 3: Hypothesis Write the Dependent and Independent variable of the topic Second page: significance or real events ( […]