Final exam

Exam Instructions:

Each question below is worth 20 points. Select fivequestions from below and write a short essay for each question. Make sure your answers are in your own words and supported with evidence.You must submit your final exam to Turnitin prior to submitting it to the instructor. Keep the answers to under 300 words and at least 150 words.

1. Alcohol is the most prevalent drug of abuse worldwide. Discuss the major, long-term physiological effects of addiction to alcohol. Be sure to include a discussion of the dangers of withdrawal.

2. Psychedelics are a diverse category of substances. What is the attraction to use drugs in this category and what are some of the problematic side-effects?

3. Rohypnol has been called the date-rape drug. Discuss the biopsychosocial effects of use & the adverse effects from one would experience from use of this drug.

4. Describe the psychoactive properties of marijuana and then discuss the controversial issue of legalization, choosing either a pro or con position.

5. Relative to non-substance addictions, explain the following statement: “If ‘it’ provides relief, ‘it’ can and will be abused.”

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