What is faith?

please keep in mind everything bellow when writing this paper.

This paper will be on. “what is faith?” this will be based on the reading that is attached “what is faith”. In this paper you will delineate and explore the outlooks and positions of the author how he defines and frames. this paper will be no less than 950 words. this paper must be in APA style.

All information and claims must be cited and documented.

Please use in-text references. i.e. make references/citations throughout your writing assignment (even when referring to the assigned readings).

Please demonstrate a proper understanding of the following; The author talks about how people confuse fait with hope, faith with science etc. he talks about his understanding of faith (unconditional) disposition with god, what he thinks faith is. please demonstrate your analysis of his argument and reflection and why you agree or disagree, what makes sense about his argument and what doesn’t (explain)

Use full text citation. exp: (Tilly, 2) (last name, page number) please use a citation per paragraph.

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