Problem Solving/Goal Setting

Read the case scenario carefully and respond to the questions that follow. Your response for all of the questions should be approximately 2 paragraphs.

Your response should include proper support for the answers to your questions including the use of material that has been discussed in-class as well as found in the textbook or other sources.

Please include an informal citation of any resources used to answer your questions although APA citations are not required. Although if you are directly quoting something or someone other than yourself that must be in quotation marks. (See notes at the seminar level for more information on APA and citations)

Scenario Problem Solving/Goal Setting:

Jordan is trying to get into the nursing program at College and has to maintain a high GPA to be accepted. Jordan, who is typically an “A” student, is having difficulties memorizing the required terms and anatomy, not due to inabilities, but due to the many distractions inherent in balancing work, family, and school.

The family is complaining that Jordan is never home, and even when Jordan is home, Jordan is preoccupied with school or work.Jordan is a notorious procrastinator, and in an effort to keep peace with spouse and children, is working late into the night after the kids are in bed in an effort to maintain good grades.Unfortunately, this causes Jordan to often be late to work or school and to not be attentive during the day.

Respond to the following items:

  • Identify at least three self-defeating behaviors that Jordan displays and discuss at least three methods of alleviating Jordan’s self-defeating behavior.
  • List and describe how Jordan could use the standard problem-solving and decision-making steps to help the situation.
  • Using the action plans to support goals and the guidelines for goal setting, identify and prioritize at least three of Jordan’s current goals.
  • Discuss potential conflicts among the three goals and how that conflict could be lessened or resolved.

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