english easy post reply 1

The topics that I am considering discussing are either child abuse or domestic violence. I believe that these are very important issues and they are plaguing the country at the moment. People are having kids and they have no idea on how to take care of them. My research will prove that nearly millions of children are being abused or neglected each year in the United States. Children are being abuse by either a parent, a caregiver, family member, or friend. The short term and long term effects of child abuse, will either result in death or the child’s in ability to cope with their daily lives. Some of my arguments may come from personal experience and also through research. Domestic violence is also a big issue in the United States. Many women are being abuse daily by someone they love and that they felt should be a protector. Abuse comes in many forms such as emotional, mental, and physical. I will over the course of my research paper provide you with the necessary information needed to prove my case on which ever topic that I decide on pursuing. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and inputs on these topics.

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