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The assignment about: asks you to write a position essay about who you are as a student writer: how you use sources, how you respond to revision, how you conduct research, and how you respond to instructor comments. Commonly asked questions about Project II:1. Can I use first person point of view? Yes, you may use first person (I, me, my) for this essay, otherwise the essay sounds odd. 2. How do I cite my own essay? To cite your own essay:Student last name, Student first name. Title of Your Essay. Essay. Name of University. Year written. City of University, Year used. Print. 3. How do I cite the EN 102 course readings?Use the source citations that are used for each source in EN 102 Readings(I will upload the READINGS, I will Upload the assignment I did its called “DISNY WALET”)The essay should be 4 pages and the 5th page is the Work Cited page. I upload one of the readings, and the another two reading in a book its called “Olive Kitteridge” by Elizabeth Strout. The chapters that I choose to write about (1-Security, 2-River) or (Tulips). Also, I’m an international student, I graduate from an American high school at Michigan,when I moved to US I don’t know anything in English langauge so, I had an English teacher, he helped me a lot, and he teach me a lot, and he his the best teacher in my enter life. my speech for graduate its tak15 to 10 minutes, and I was so proud of myself, this is a part of my story, So don’t forget that I’m an International student.

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