Describe how neurons communicate.

When understanding human behavior and mental processes, no education would be complete without a fundamental understanding of the biological processes involved in brain functioning. This activity will allow you to explore the foundational component of the brain: the neuron.

Click on the following link to view an interactive explanation of how neurons communicate. Be sure to click “Play with voiceover” so you can hear the explanation given with each slide.

Participate in this activity on how neurons communicate:

Learning Activity #5: Nervous Systems Paper

  • Read Chapter 2 of your textbook. (PSYCHOLOGY IN EVERYDAY LIFE 3RD EDITION BY DAVID G. MYERS)
  • Write a two to three-page double spaced (500-750 word) paper describing the Nervous Systems as follows:
    • Definitions
    • Various components (e.g. the PNS and CNS)
    • Function of each component
    • What happens if there is any dysfunction in the system
    • How your new understanding of brain and nerve function affects your Christian worldview.


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