Children’s movie that models pro-social behavior, sociology homework help

Find a movie made for children that models prosocial behavior and then explain how the person demonstrated true prosocial behavior. Justify your judgment that this was an example of true prosocial behavior by identifying the person’s motivation.-

Within the same movie, identify a person who appeared to have acted in a helpful way but whose motivation was more self-centered or even selfish. Justify your judgment that this was not an example of true prosocial behavior by identifying the person’s motivation. Include specific parts of the movie as examples within your justification.

Remember to include specific citations from the textbook and/or other source of information within your justification; and to properly reference the movie.

Your written responses should be of collegiate composition quality and formatting. Therefore, the expectation is for you to submit a typed-written assignment that meets the following format:

  1. Two-page, double-spaced
  2. New Times Roman, 12 Font
  3. Written using APA writing style (standard college level writing format)
  4. Include your name and LAB number on the Title Page and subsequent pages of the document
  5. Use correct grammar, spelling and word usage
  6. Write in complete sentences and paragraphs, be thorough and succinct in your writing
  7. Include 1 citation from the textbook or other source of information (APA Style)
  8. List your reference (APA Style) to support your writing and understanding of the specific Research & Respond Assignment.

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