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The research subject I chose was the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Indiana. Like elsewhere in the country, Indiana is going through the process of deciding if they are ready to allow medical marijuana. Indiana is a very conservative state, and will likely be one of the last states to allow it, but research is growing in the efficacy of medical marijuana. My initial focus was on the use of medical marijuana on PTSD, but I believe that to be too narrow of a topic. I have now re-focused on the process of legalization in the state of Indiana. I feel strongly about this topic because as a paramedic and firefighter, I see patients that fit the mold for being a candidate for medical marijuana. I also have experienced what could be a small amount of PTSD, and I can see the desire for those with PTSD to have another option of medication, something other than pain medication.

agree or disagree with 2-3 sentences

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