pregnancy and childbirth discussion

Please read through all the requirements & using APA citation!!!! Pick a contemporary culture or country (e.g. the Hausa in West Africa; Finland, the Navajo) or a historical period in some culture/country (e.g. Victorian England), and research pregnancy and/or childbirth in this culture/country. You can explore any aspects related to pregnancy/childbirth. Some of the issues you could look into include cultural beliefs and taboos about pregnancy, childbirth practices (e.g. c-sections, midwifes, natural childbirth, etc.), maternal and child mortality, breastfeeding, contraception, etc.

Once you have identified a topic, do the following:

1. Write a summary of your topic (approximately one page is fine; it can also be longer). Find at least TWO OUTSIDE SOURCES (other than our textbook). You can use academic peer-reviewed journal articles, books, newspaper articles, films, academic websites (WIKIPEDIA DOES NOT COUNT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT). The most credible websites are based on research findings and often end in .edu or .org. The best method for you for finding peer-reviewed journal articles is to use the library search tools such as Academic Search Complete. If you search for a particular key term (e.g. SIDS), you will usually get a list of journal article abstracts, often with direct links to the actual articles. Peer-reviewed articles typically contain subsections such as an abstract, introduction, methods, results and discussion. Sometimes they are “review articles” that review many studies (rather than report the results of an original experiment) and may not include all of these subsections, but you can still recognize them in the library search since they are labeled as an “Academic journal” (rather than “Periodical” which are not peer-reviewed).

2. Post the summary on Canvas as a discussion post in the REPLY box below (by Sat March 4th midnight). List your sources in APA style at the end of your summary. (10 points)

3. Read other students’ summaries, and reply to one of them (by Mon March 6th midnight). You can ask questions, comment on their information, tell about your knowledge related to their topic, etc. (5 points)

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