Comparing two of Leonard Da Vinc’s works with the same theme of anatomy?

I need a paper that compares two pieces of da vinc’s work with the them of anatomy. I have attached the rubric for it and the pieces that i want to do. i will also have my first part of paper that I have done attached and below in case the file doesn’t open. Will also need a work cited pages and mla format it will be a rough draft so doesnt have to be perfect.

First part:

The pieces were made from 1480- 1511. Studies in Comparative Anatomy was made in circa 1500. It is currently located in Windsor, Royal Libra. It was made in pen and ink over red chalk on red prepared on a 28.5 x 20.5 cm piece paper. The art pieces are Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical sketches/studies of the human body and his notes on anatomy.

Leonardo da Vinci’s notes on anatomy and sketches of anatomy were created around 1480 in Milan, Italy when he was the was court artist to Ludovico Maria Sforza.

Humans vary in many ways, they move different and have different physical features, despite this structurally humans are all the same.

No matter how humans look or where people come from structurally humans are all the same. People may suffer from a deformity or be shorter but humans all have the same bones. They are all human beings and are built the same way.

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