Artwork Analysis

Write a formal analysis for the painting below. Formal analysis is an objective process for looking at work of art primarily using the elements of art and the principles of design. Write at least 3 paragraphs about this work, . If you are unsure refer to the sample provided in this folder. ( the art work is attached to this order see it before writing )

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here is a sample#

The elements of art observed in this work are line, shape, value, color, space, and texture. The image is dominated by irregular line that is evident in the slightly curving verticals appear from left to right. Because organic shapes appear throughout the work it appears that the subject of this image is a natural environment. Some areas of dark value appear in the upper right and lower left of the work. An area of light value appears in the upper right corner, but most of the value is in the middle range. Color is the dominant element in this work because the artist has used highly saturated, bright color everywhere. The potent red dominates since it appears to be used more than other colors. Some patches of green are added as complements to the red. Some orange, mostly in the lower half complements the areas of blue in the upper right and the lower left. Space is expressed through the strong overlap of the vertical lines over a few horizontals and the size of shapes appears to change to indicate depth. The application of the colors is coarse in some areas, like the middle to bottom right, creating some textural differences.

The principles of art observed in this work are unity, balance, emphasis, rhythm, and proportion. The many vertical lines and bright consistent color creates enough similarities that the work has a great visual cohesion. The work is asymmetrically balanced with the dark blue in the upper right countering the strong vertical and many smaller shapes on the left. The large vertical tree-like shapes are emphasized because they are not interrupted from top to bottom. Like these shapes, the value and color of the darker blue areas are emphasized by contrast with their surroundings. There is an irregular rhythm created in the series of strong verticals that draw the attention of the viewer horizontally. The major shapes appear to be created in proportions that imply a naturalistic landscape.

Stylistically, the work appears to be expressive and representational. The strong color and textural application of the paint may be created to convey a strong emotional response. The organization of elements and the use of naturalistic proportions give the impression that the subject is a landscape.

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