A short mini-essay (approx. 500 words) based on the course readings listed for the given two topics. Within the mini-essay incorporate aspects from the concepts in the course that is provided for you. The purpose of this mini essay is to synthesize and compare/contrast material from these two topics using some (but not all) the reading information provided to back it up.

Topic: Please create a unique creative title for the essay.

Citation: Be sure to cite all the relevant readings, and when you paraphrase or directly quote from a course reading, give a citation both within the text and at the works cited page. You may, but you do not need to use outside sources beyond the assigned materials.

Topic 1: Digitalizing Education at Schools

Topic 2: Digitalizing Education at Universities

Please be as comprehensive as possible in writing and editing of your work before handing it into me because I need to be receiving A+ on the assignment 🙂

Login information to access the links will be provided after choosing tutor.

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