The Civil War in Texas

This course will require two essay papers with a minimum of three (3) double-spaced pages and a maximum of five (5) double-spaced pages in length. Each essay will count as 15% of your overall grade. You must use three sources to develop your essay, one source should be the textbook, (other sources may include books, journals, etc). You must submit a works cited page listing all the sources from which you gather information to use in the essays. A cover page must be submitted as well, it should include the title, date, your name and which essay it is (First Essay or Second Essay).

It will be the student’s choice of topics from the following list but narrowing down the scope to a particular aspect of the topic is required. The best research papers provide critical analysis (a full explanation) on a single aspect of the topic. In other words, the narrower the scope the better.:

Topic The Civil War in Texas

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