1. What is your personality type?

Please go to following website to take a personality test, and post your personalty type in this question.

2. Answer following questions:

    • Identify a possible entry-level or appropriate job for a career that might interest you. For example: Software Developer, Web designer, Web content writer, auto mechanic, or dental technician. Perform an Internet search for information about your career of interest.
    • Select several items from the search results list and go to their websites to see what you can learn about the career. Write down what you learn.
    • Do some research about the career including job qualifications, a typical workday, good versus challenging aspects of the job, technical skills required for the job, and the company background and culture. Summarize your findings in writing.
    • After your research, do you think this job is appropriate for you? Why do you think that is?

3. Do web research, and create a brief report showing:

    • Recent statistical data on identity theft
    • Type of identity theft
    • Steps than can be taken to protect yourself again identity theft

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