500 words,APA, Shifting Views of America

Choose one of the following works for discussion of a theme present

  • The sculptures commemorating the Haymarket Square incident
  • The Court of Honor or “White City” of the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893
  • Mary Cassatt’s Modern Woman
  • Henry Tanner Ossawa’s The Banjo Lesson
  • A painting or print by John Sloan

Using the template provided, Discuss the theme (subject) of the work and address the following in a 500 or more word paper:

  • What was the context in which the work was created? How was it reflective of the social changes underway during this era?
  • Was there a message in the work, and why was it important to the artist to create? In other words, what ideas or points of view were the artist communicating with his or her work?
  • How was the work representative of the values of either the Gilded Age or the Ashcan School artists? Justify your response with sources/citations.

Format your paper according to appropriate APA guidelines.

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