can someone help me write a psychology paper 2-4 pages

The paper itself should be focused the factors that influence the way we (consumers) view information (e.g., confirmation bias, etc.), the factors that influence the reporter who writes about science (e.g., make articles flashy, sensationalism), the factors that influence the researcher and research (publication bias, p-hacking), and how these factors relate to one another (200 pts). You should use the mini-assignment above and week 4 discussion articles/reactions to provide examples and guide your discussion of these topics. Papers will be graded on the following rubric:

  • Clearly integrates material from week 4 discussion and related additional assignment (see above) [50 pts]
  • Clearly integrates material from the prior weeks of the course (e.g., discussion board assignments) and course text [100 pts]
  • Writing is clear and legible, APA format, spellind and grammar [50 pts]

Relate this information into paper

In the methods section, play particular attention to the participants information. How does this relate to external validity? Do you feel your newspaper articles give you enough information about the participants to understand how meaningful/externally valid your results are? What type of study is this? Observational, correlational, survey, experimental? Do they have groups? If so, what are the two groups. Is there a placebo-control group?

In the discussion section you’ll find an overview of the findings. How do the first few paragraphs address the findings? Do they relate to the hypothesis (e.g., do they discuss whether or not their findings support their hypothesis [if there is one])? Within the discussion section you will often find details about the strengths and limitations of the study. Can you find them? What additional information do they provide over and above what was reported in your newspaper articles?

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