Essay on inclusive education

This is a large assignment and you will be paid well, but due to how much I am spending I require it to be at a Masters level. If it is poorly done, the funds will not go through.

You must use the readings I provide for you. Which are attached, also underneath this document.

No plagrism!!!
Please use Harvard referencing!

Word Length:

Assessment task:

You are to create an essay which makes recommendations for a more inclusive approach to education in Australia.

You are to write the essay in the form of a paper to a senior education officer – this may be the Minister for Education.

In your paper you should:

  • Summarise the current situation regarding inclusion in Australia, with particular reference to potential opportunities and challenges.
  • Make connections between inclusion in your educational context and inclusion in the broader international context.
  • Make some specific recommendations (no more than five) that would create a more inclusive approach to education in your context. Support those recommendations with relevant scholarly literature.


  • Provides a clear analysis of inclusion and recommendations for a more inclusive approach to education in one current educational context. (30%
  • Demonstrates a critical understanding of current scholarly literature regarding inclusion at national and international levels. (30%)
  • Synthesises literature to develop specific recommendations to support future policy or practice. (30%)
  • Demonstrates scholarly written and / or oral communication skills including the ability to use conventional written expression and constructive feedback with correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and APA referencing. (10%)

References: Please any of these readings for references……

Ainscow, M. (2008) Teaching for diversity: The big challenge. In F.M. Connelly (Ed.), The Sage handbook of curriculum and instruction pp.240-259. Los Angeles: Sage

Ainscow, M., Booth, T., & Dyson, A. (2006). Improving Schools, developing inclusion. London: Routledge.

Carrington, S., & Macarthur, J. (2012). Teaching in Inclusive School Communities. Milton, QLD: Wiley

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