Summary of Article

A Research-Based Article summarizes the results of qualitative or quantitative research and reflects a systematic investigation of a topic. To emphasize: a research article is not based entirely or solely on the author’s opinion. Examples of research articles might include studies focused on literature reviews, systematically-conducted surveys, focus groups, social science experiments, or systematically-conducted and analyzed interviews.

To complete this assignment, identify a research-based article on Organization Development or Change Management from such sources as Organization Development Journal, Leadership and Organizational Change, The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Group and Organization Studies, Organization Dynamics, Human Resource Development Quarterly, Performance Improvement Quarterly, or other relevant journals. Be sure that the article you select is based on research. (Points will be deducted if you choose an article based solely on one author’s opinion or group of authors’ opinions.)

For purposes of this assignment, your research-based article should focus around the topic of managing or facilitating change in an organizational setting.

Begin each abstract with a complete bibliographic citation (using the current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association).

After the bibliographic citation, describe the research problem or issue that was investigated, the research questions or objectives (if reported), the methodology used (that is, how the study was conducted), the approach to sampling (if any) used, the methods used to analyze the data collected and the study’s results, key limitations and/or assumptions of the researcher (if listed), and issues identified for future study by the research (if any).

Requirements: five to six pages in length, double-spaced, and cover issues described above.

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