Rely back to Discussion post below

Reply back to each of these 3 DQ post below (between (85-105 words each ) example “i agree or i disagree”

1 (reply to post).A realist approach examines how a film represents “reality.” Some films attempt to make techniques “invisible” to viewers so the characters and situations are always the primary focus. Others attempt to use cinematic techniques to replicate a certain type of reality the filmmaker wants the audience to experience – love, aging, memory, insanity, drug use, etc. Some films are more concerned with creating moods and emotional impressions than with depicting a traditionally plotted story with an obvious beginning, middle, and end. These films may be attempting to convey a type of reality important to their creators, hoping that viewers will pick up on it, but non-mainstream use of techniques and non-standard structure may require a concerted effort on the part of a viewer to understand, multiple viewings, or even an explanation by the filmmaker.

2.(Reply to post )Psychoanalytic theory describes the psychic processes we undergo when experiencing the film illusion. It is interesting to learn about this theory since I never heard of this before yet I have felt it many times. Recently I saw the movie South Paw and it made me feel so deeply about the movie. It was as if all of this was happening right in front of me I jumped out of my seat and cried when he wife died and when they took his daughter away to a foster home and in his boxing and fighting scenes I felt like I was right there watching a real boxing match I moved around and yelled and just purely experienced the movie as though it was all real.

3.(Reply to post ) Hieroglyphic pictures have helped us to use symbols and pictures to identify motion pictures and imagery. The advancement was made with physiological viewing and has changed the manner in which we view a film. With psychological viewing you will need to associate movements, hand gestures and mannerism verse using pictures to define a picture. It takes a mental viewing experience to really understand what is happening during a movie but you are able to appreciate it once it is done. A movie experience with a phenomenal photogenic quality offers the viewers an opportunity that they will not easily forget at all and they will but keep looking for more.

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