you are the profssor ..answer 9 from these questions? pick any 9 questions and write it as 2 pages

Interview a professor or scholar

1.How is “scholarly discourse” defined in your discipline?

2.What are typical research methods in your discipline? What is the purpose of research?

3.How do you keep current in your discipline? What journals, blogs, websites, books, etc.

do you read? What conferences do you attend?

4.Are you a member of any scholarly societies or organizations?

5.What are the hot topics in your field right now?

6.What are your research interests? How do you choose an appropriate research topic?

7.What does an academic argument look like in your discipline?

8.Where do scholars in your discipline go to find information?

9.What types of sources are typically used in your discipline?

10.How do you evaluate your sources? What is considered good evidence in your discipline?

11.What are the “criteria” used in your discipline to evaluate sources?

12.What is considered a scholarly source in your discipline? How do you determine whether or not it is scholarly?

13.What do you consider primary and secondary sources?

14.How can a novice researcher (freshmen) enter the scholarly conversation?

15.What are your expectations for novice researchers?

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