can someone write this short essay for me?

This assignment will allow students to write clearly, concisely, and in a focused manner on an assigned topic. Students are (a) expected to purposefully incorporate key terms and concepts they are learning in the course, and (b) will be evaluated on the quality of the analysis and how clearly the information is presented in a sociological manner. *Students should feel free to write more than the minimum word-count to ensure a well-rounded response. Well-written essays are typically between 300-500 words.

analyze the image below and develop a (150 and 500 words) essay containing a thorough and thoughtful description and discussion of the social problem(s) the image conveys. After writing your essay, save a copy to your computer, select the “Core Essay 2” above, scroll down to “Assignment Submission”, select “Browse My Computer”, attach your visual interpretation essay, then select the submit tab at the bottom of the screen.

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