Philosophy Essay

Use Rubric uploaded below for structure and complete the following prompts with a 750 word response.

1. Choose A CHARACTER from the show Black Mirror – Season 3 Episode 3 ( Shut Up and Dance) to demonstrate what Benn would consider either conscientious wicked, heteronomous wicked or malignity. Do you agree with Benn’s logic?

2. Kindly refer to the book ” The Moral Life An Introductory Reader In Ethics And Literature” By Louise P. Pojman and Lewis Vaughan on Stanley Benn on the topic of wickedness.

*The character I choose would either be Kenny or the hacker and I think that Kenny demonstrate heteronomous wickedness but I’m not sure about the hacker.

*I’ve also upload a pdf file on Stanley Benn, hope it helps. ( Don’t mind the scribbles, it’s a rented book.)

*My own words.

Thank you for your kind help.

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