final paper

The final project for this course is the creation of a comparative art analysis essay. The advent of postmodernism in the late twentieth century brought with it a skepticism of the cultural artifacts that preceded it. The postmodern artist understands that art in all forms—visual, literary, musical, performance, and so on—is a manifestation of its period and that these artistic expressions endure and continue to shape the human experience. The purpose of the final project is to demonstrate an understanding of the function of art in its specific era as well as in contemporary times, and as an articulation of the social and cultural forces that influence the creative endeavor of the artist. A primary method in the study of the humanities, a comparative approach, allows us to reflect on a singular element and observe both similarities and differences. In employing a comparative approach, we begin to ask the questions necessary to come to an understanding of the objects being compared and the conditions of their creation. We learn that each object is a product of its environment—its social, historical, and cultural climate. For the final project, you will utilize the comparative approach to study two works of art as conveyors of meaning, capable of shaping cultural identity and our historical understanding. Your study will focus on how your chosen works deal with their shared theme as a product of their particular time. For the final step of your analysis, you will select an additional contemporary w

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