Positive psychology (800 words essay)

You are required to post on Online Discussion Board an 800-word essay to evaluate the five video clips. You need to conduct additional research and cite empirical and/or theoretical studies relevant to the five videos in your essay.

A) Topic: Giving and altruism

Watch the video clip – 29 Gifts: How Giving Can Change Your Life (Interviewed on The Today Show)


Collaborative activity:

1. Discuss the extent to which you agree that giving and altruism promotes well-being.

2. Examine ways in which you can cultivate a sense of giving and altruism and incorporate it as part of your daily life.

B) Topic: Optimism, gratitude, positive relationships

Watch the video clip – My philosophy for a happy life | Sam Berns | TEDxMidAtlantic


Collaborative activity:

1. Drawing upon your knowledge of factors contributing to happiness, discuss what makes Sam happy.

2. Examine ways in which you could apply some of Sam’s philosophy towards happiness in your life.

C) Topic: Money and happiness

Watch the video clip – Money can buy happiness: Michael Norton at TEDxCambridge 2011


Collaborative activity:

1. Evaluate the extent to which you agree that happiness can be bought with money.

2. Examine how you can apply the relationship between money and happiness into your daily life. D) Topic: Measure of happiness

D) Topic: Measure of happiness

Watch the video clip – What’s the Happiest Country?


Collaborative activity:

1. Compare and contrast the different methods of measuring happiness.

2. In your opinion, what is an accurate measure of happiness across nations? Support your answer with evidence.

E) Topic: Capitalization and active-constructive responding

Watch the video clip – Shelly Gable speaking on active-constructive responding


Collaborative activity:

1. Discuss why active-constructive response is associated with heightened well-being and higher relationship qualities.

2. Evaluate why the responses of passive-constructive, active-destructive, and passive-destructive do not lead to heightened well-being and higher relationship qualities.

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