Career Counseling

The following discussion question will require you to read, comprehend and translate in your own words the information found in the text. You are also expected to treat each of the discussion questions as an essay by including your thoughts, feelings, views, and perspectives. College level writing is expected, but APA is only needed if you use a source outside of the text. Follow-up discussion with fellow students is expected.

Q-1. Discuss how you could apply Hopson and Adams’s model to a situation in which someone has lost his or her job after ten years of employment. And why.


Q-2. Discuss what are the most important measures you can discuss with your client to prevent sexual harassment on the job? And why?


Q-3. Discuss Cochran’s narrative approach to career counseling. Explain what you think are its most important features. And why

-4. How can a genogram be helpful in career counseling? Any why. Illustrate your answer with examples.

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