When Mitt Romney came to town.


Go to the internet and locate the 29-minute firm, WHEN MITT ROMNEY CAME TO TOWN. (Googling the name of the film will bet you there.

Watch the firm, ideally twice – once to get an overall impression of what it is trying to do; a second time to identify and record pieces of information and statements to fill in the blocks or cells of the attached table. (For example, if you hear that a buy-out arranged by Romney and his company, Bain Capital, gave the company a 200% jump in profits, then stop the film and record that fact in the table in the black/cell svtpdd gtp,Bain and under the column for gain. Continue in the same way to use data in the film to fill appropriate blocks in the Table.)

We will review and discuss the practice of buy-outs using your “cost-benetit” analysis (the completed table).

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