Hello, this is an aviation planning question.

Hello, this is an aviation planning question. willing to pay up to $300, must be completed by 11/13/2017

AVM 3201 – Aviation Planning

Paper 1 Outline

Existing Conditions at Deer Valley Airport



Document the existing conditions at Deer Valley Airport, Arizona. Your documentation should be in the form of a written paper that includes the following sections:


This section should identify as a minimum the name and geographic location of the airport, its role or classification in the NPIAS. You may include brief history of the airport, figures and other background information available. Sources: Current NPIAS at www.faa.gov, www.airnav.com and airport website if available.


This section should describe the airfield facilities (runways, navigational and lighting aids) and the landside (buildings) facilities, support facilities and businesses located on the airport. If an airport diagram is available include it as a figure. Sources include: FAA Form 5010 at www.gcr1.com, www.airnav.com and airport website if available.


This section should identify the airport’s service area as a geographical area such as the city, county, or metropolitan area and describe the historical trend of socioeconomic data over the past decade and should include population and per capita income. The airport service area’s socioeconomic trends should also be compared to those at the state (Florida) and national level (USA) in the written section and in a table. As a minimum, ten years of historical data should be provided. Sources include: www.census.gov, www.bea.gov.


This section should describe the types and levels of aviation activity at the airport over the past 20 years. It should include tables and figures as appropriate. The tabulated data should include the number of based aircraft, the number of annual airport operations and the split between air carrier, air taxi, general aviation and military operations as applicable. The data should also include the split between local and itinerant operations as well as any passenger enplanements if reported. As a minimum, ten years of historical data should be provided. Sources include: FAA ATADS at http://aspm.faa.gov/opsnet/sys/Airport.asp and FAA TAF http://aspm.faa.gov/main/taf.asp.


This section should describe the land uses that are adjacent to and surround the airport. Highlight any residential, commercial, industrial, public/institutional, parks/recreation and vacant land uses in the vicinity of the airport. The network of roadways that serve the airport should also be described. Include all major interstates or highways that provide local access to the airport in the service area. If applicable, also describe any other modes of ground transportation to the airport such as rail or transit.


This section should document any current issues at the airport that have been identified in reports or published articles about the airport. If there is a current airport master plan published on the airport’s website you may reference it.

Paper Requirements

A good way of getting your paper done on time is to start early. Your paper should have three to five pages of written text excluding appendices. The following requirements must be met:

1. The main body of report should have a minimum of three (3) pages of written text.

2. Report figures and tables should be appropriately titled and sourced and placed in an appendix.

3. Setup the page with 1-inch margins all around.

4. Font: Arial

5. Font Size: 11

6. Line spacing: Single

7. Provide appropriate Headings with section numbers, in bold.

8. Use Headers and Footers.

o Name and title of paper in Header.

o Page numbers centered in the Footer.

9. Text should be fully justified.

10. Include a list of your references, also separate from the number of pages of content, at the end of the paper.

11. Create a cover for your report that includes the following:

o Title

o Prepared for: Course Name and Section

o Prepared by: Your name

o Date

Failure to meet these project report requirements will affect your grade. The report will be graded with respect to content, format and grammar. Please refer to the grading outline on the last page of this outline.

Project Submission and Due Date

Submission of this paper is mandatory, failure to do so will result in a final grade of F for the course. The due date for this paper is noted in the course syllabus.

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