Your brother needs a new car.

Your brother needs a new car.  He comes to you asking for help because He was turned down for a loan from his bank, Wells Fargo. Since you have excellent credit, he comes to you for help. He has always been a great brother and you want to help. But, you also want to limit your liability. You brother asks if you would be willing to be either a surety or a guaranty. Your brother thinks those words are interchangeable. 

Would you rather be a surety or a guaranty? Which one would Wells Fargo prefer you to be? If a loan officer from Wells Fargo called and told you that your oral assurances are enough to solidify the loan, would a surety or guaranty have been formed? 

If you would, in the real world, dothis for a friend or family member – what would you require of them before you agreed to be a surety or guaranty? Please can i get the answer from Andersons Business law and the legal environment 23rd edition and refer the page number

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