This is a sample audit tool Date: Physician: Please complete the following (information should be documented in the patient’s chart) __________…

I submitted my assignment that was completed by kabuz and got a zero on it… I’ve been asked to resubmit. The following is the feedback from my Professor on what I turned in:

“The OIG selects specific topics to review within their work plan.  What specific topic are you referring to as far as fraud?  Your audit tool does not explain what you are auditing specifically.  Please review the 2016 OIG work plan and resubmit your assignment by the end of week 5.”

Here is the assignment instructions:

From the OIG Work Plan for the current year, select an audit of interest to you and related to coding and/or reimbursement in any healthcare setting. Create a data collection tool that could be used by the OIG auditors to conduct the audit that you have selected. Provide a one page APA formatted written paper which provides a summary and an explanation of the audit. Submit your summary along with the audit tool that you have created. Do include a cover sheet and reference page.

I have attached:

The assignment I turned in, the OIG Work Plan that the assignment was based off from, the Grading Rubric, and an Audit Sample Tool.

I’m hoping to get what I have corrected/revised to what it needs to be.

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  • Attachment 2
  • Attachment 3
  • Attachment 4
  • Attachment 5

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