Program Outcome 7 **For KATETUTOR**

Activity Instruction

**Must be in reference to Harley Davidson**

Throughout your program, you have worked toward achieving a set of outcomes grounded in the foundational knowledge needed as a business leader from both practitioner and scholar perspectives. The discussions in the first four units of this course focus on explaining how you will demonstrate each program outcome with your capstone project. This discussion focuses on Program Outcome 7: Communicate clearly and effectively in a business environment. For this discussion, complete the following:

  • Review Program Outcome 7: This outcome communicatesclearlyand effectively in a businessenvironment byapplying professional speaking,effective presentation, and persuasionskills tocreatea clearand compellingcasefor businesssolutions.
  • Review the relevant criterion in the Capstone Project and Presentation Scoring Guide to familiarize yourself with the specific expectations for demonstrating the outcome.
  • Describe how you will demonstrate your achievement of the outcome in your capstone project. Be as specific as possible.

Paper length: 1 page

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