MAN4301 Final Job Description Submission Guidelines Please take these feedback points seriously as you revise your document. Accurate completion of…

Job Description Project Information 

(Please see attachment for example and instructions)

During this semester, you will create a job description. Please review the sample job description provided to the right as a point of reference. Submissions should follow the style and format provided in the sample provided; review the sample job description fully. Your work and language should be original; plagiarism will be monitored. 

You should focus on a job for which you have ample experience, knowledge, and/or interest. The goal of this assignment is to better understand the nature of a job and how to analyze one. The project is broken up into three (3) assignments; each part is worth 5 points for a total of 15 points. You will be submitting each assignment as an attachment via the Assignment Dropbox.

  • Job Description- Part A: Create a draft of the first page including the first three sections of the job description, to include: Job Title, Purpose, Summary, and Essential Functions.
  • Job Description- Part B: Complete the draft of all sections of the job description. Please review the Final Job Description Suggestions.
  • Final Job Description: This segment of the project will include all sections of the job description, a revision of the previously submitted final job description draft. Ensure that you include any appropriate corrections you made to the final draft previously submitted.
  • Attachment 1
  • Attachment 2

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