Homeland security

Review the list of critical infrastructures attached under the Week 1 folder.

If you were doing a risk assessment, which one(s) would you designate as the most important, or the highest priority? What criteria or basis would you use to determine that? If you changed the criteria, how would that affect your prioritization of the infrastructures? 

2). Factoring likelihood into risk assessments presents a variety of complications, as the lecture points out in several places. One skill that risk managers need is to be able to convince others that low frequency or low probability events can still cause catastrophic, high-impact consequences, and that options for dealing with such events may call for implementing additional safeguards, or to avoid the risk entirely.

Find a news story about a high-impact, low-frequency disaster or catastrophe (other than the 9/11 attacks or Hurricane Katrina), and describe the costs of that event, and what mitigation strategies should have been used to reduce or avoid the negative consequences. 

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