RESEARCH PROJECT TEMPLATE – MSLM 610 (3500-4000 words) Introduction (approximately 800 words) Discuss the Introduction here with the following in…

Hi Dr.Bukhebii

Like to work with you again

I want to write the attached project

Attached :

1- Ideas list.

2- Empty Template

3- Sample article

You have to select one idea

and write the project like the attached template and the attached sample

Rules :

1- must be like the attached template

2- Palagiarism FREE

Please provide us the following :1. Title of your research topic2. Research Question3. Research framework 4. Research methodology5. If it is an research survey than questionnaire or a qualitative study like SWOT analysis, Improvement in processes / products through the industrial engineering / operation management tools like value engg. / QFD, / SQC / SPC etc6. Expected Outcome

  • Attachment 1
  • Attachment 2
  • Attachment 3

RESEARCH PROJECT TEMPLATE – MSLM 610 (3500-4000 words)Introduction (approximately 800 words)Discuss the Introduction here with the following in mind:Having an analysis of the Nakumatt slogan of…

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