Argosy University Campus Con (13 Module 3 MGT3 34 Data Drive I Online Tu oning .

This is assignment is for a business statistics class.

I need some help brainstorming and getting ideas for questions 2 through 5.

Argosy University Campus Con(13 Module 3 MGT3 34 Data DriveI Online Tu oning . Hamework / Result List making decisions1 X Proquest Ebook Central Reader X Module 4 Assignment 2 – Good* +https myclassIes argosy edu / d21/le / content / 3 2 / Home Hemidentmer ToScenarioYou have been hired as a business analyst for a well – known design firmCurrently , they utilizeto help with makitechnology for their day – to – day operations but not to analyze data to help with making businessdecisions . Your task is to convince management that the usage of business analytics wouldanalyticsgreat benefit to the business and it would help the business to make well – informed decisions andthus action plans that would align with the business’s strategic planningThe firm currently has technology in place but does not have any connected systems . Thedatabases are all independent of each other but they do utilize a client / server environment . Thefirm currently has one location and it is looking to add a second location in another part of thestate , but is unsure as to whether it would be beneficial to the firm .InstructionUsing the Argosy University online library resources and the Internet research business analyticsimplementation plans . Select at least 4 scholarly sources for use in this assignmentWrite a proposal in which you explain the importance of using business ananalytiObjectives of proposals1 . Describe the business and provide a summary of the business analytics they could apply totheir business in multiple scenarios .2 . Describe the benefits and disadvantages of business analytics , as well as how theorganization can be proactivein addressing any disadvantages . Include at least 3 benefits anddisadvantages3 . Address any challenges the organization may face using business analytics , as well as howthe organization can be proactive in addressing the challenges . Be sure to address at least 3challenges4 . Propose three business analytic techniques . Compare them and discuss at least two benefitsand disadvantages of each5 . Create an implementation plan to integrate bususiness analytics into your organization6 . Create a backup proposal in case management does not approve your initial proposal . Thebackup proposal should have at least 3 changes different from the original plan

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