What ideas to solve practice problems do you have?

What ideas to solve practice problems do you have?



DNP project: Practice Problem in Two Distinct Statements

You will be learning about your DNP project and perfecting the ideas you have about this as you go along in the program — ideas will be added and you’ll frame your project question in the PICOt format (more on that later). For now, begin thinking about an organization that may need a practice change or a quality improvement effort. You will build your project idea from that base of awareness and information.

To begin, recognize that you have been gathering assessment data for many years as a nurse. You are observing, listening, analyzing, discussing situations in health care related to quality, leadership, safety, cost and access. You have listened to patients and families, you have read about issues that concern you, you have listened to subordinates and superiors and you know inside your own mind, that there are possibilities that haven’t been tapped yet to improve the health care system and delivery of care.

In this post please describe an idea you have ( a problem that you have noticed) about an organizational need for practice change to improve health outcomes, cost or access; or an organizational need for quality improvement.

What have you seen that could be addressed by a clinical leader? Don’t worry about having a refined idea yet — just say what you see as a problem, and suggest a set of ideas you may have for solving it.

An example might be that you have witnessed bullying in the workplace and you’d like to intervene by providing nurses with tools to interfere with bullying when it happens and an “on the floor” coaching program to facilitate the nurses’ implementation of their anti-bullying tools. Another example may be that clinic nurse are not addressing smoking with stop smoking interventions and you’d like to intervene by teaching the nurses ways to address smoking and encourage them to commit to addressing every smoking patient with a smoking cessation intervention. You also want to assure that this change takes place after intervention so you will audit the charts and give feedback to the nurses on their progress.

What ideas to solve practice problems do you have? Review the lesson for this week and remember to state the problem in two distinct statements: (a) the problem and (b) the etiology. Finish your post by thinking about and then writing, what kinds of interventions would work to resolve the causes of the problem.

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