Use a minimum of a half page (250 words or more) of your report to discuss how you tackled your map project.

Must upload a word document that states a one-sentence meaning for each map, numbered 1-4, so I can match up your meaning to the maps you’re submitting
Must consist of four maps, all relevant to your final project question
Maps must be presentation-quality
All maps must have a title, legend, north arrow, and scale bar
All maps must have a basemap of some kind
Legend and title must be clear enough for a person who knows nothing about your topic to understand
Symbology must be clear
Maps should minimize clutter
One map must have an inset or locator map (see mt rainier example)
Maps should be formatted for 8.5×11″ paper and saved in either PDF, TIF, or JPEG format
Maps should be uploaded as four separate files
file names should be somehow numbered 1 through 4 to match up with your meaning
Must be somewhat aesthetically pleasing as discussed in the Map Beautification lecture

Written report about a map Direction:
Each student is required to prepare their own brief write-up on the findings of their project to accompany their map portfolio. The following bullets should be used as general headings for the write-up (you can modify them from below for content & formatting purposes).
Use complete sentences, 12 point Times New Roman font at 1.5 spacing, and a minimum of 2 pages. Do not include any screenshots, maps or images.
Use a minimum of one and a half pages (750 words or more) of your report to explain the findings of your map project. State the questions you formulated and answer them. Give some background to explain what you produced in your map portfolio. Make sure you reference the title of which map in your portfolio you are discussing as you move through your report.
Use a minimum of a half page (250 words or more) of your report to discuss how you tackled your map project.

How did you formulate these questions?

Did you hit any dead ends?
Did your question change or evolve over the project? If so, why?

Where did you find your data and how did you manage it?
What were some of the non-GIS hurdles you needed to overcome?
What tools did you use and analysis did you perform?
What’s the final answer? This can be a quantitative, qualitative discussion, or explanation of why you didn’t get the results you were hoping for.
Did you learn, discover, or uncover anything that you weren’t expecting?

The description above does not count as a portion of your written report. Do not include this description in your document.

** I attached a file that including topic and data that I want to use for making map. But you don’t have to use same data but it should be included data about my topic. And this work requires using “arcgis” program. Please follow the direction to make a map and write a report about it.



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