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English IV Macbeth Essay – Imagery 500-600 words 1. Decide on a topic – an image (listed below.) blood plants clothing water animals disease dark/light birds theatre (masks) Make a list of synonyms to help you identify the image (use a dictionary or thesaurus.) 2. Follow the image throughout the play. Make notations (such as the line number) every time you see the image! 3. After reading the play, make a list of all references to the image. 4. Group/cluster the different meanings/usages/purposes of the image. This will be your projected organization. 5. Write the thesis. (What are you going to prove? The link between the image and the theme or characterization.) 6. Write the essay. Introduction: First sentence – What have I noticed? The image runs through the play. Thesis Projected Organization Body Paragraphs: Step 1: Use the same order as listed in projected organization of the use of the image Step 2: Each paragraph should be a chronological study of the image used in this particular way. Quotations should show the image in context. The closing statement/observation of each paragraph will be very important. Conclusion: So what? (How has this image emphasized a theme or helped develop a character?


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