Post- Colonial Theory

Type: Critical thinking

Subject: Art (Fine Arts, Performing arts)

Topic: Post- Colonial Theory

Style: MLA

Number of pages: 5 pages/double spaced (1375 words)

PowerPoint slides: 0

Additional: None

Number of source/references: 2

Order instructions:

Using the reading provided by Mark Fortier, discuss and explore the Post- Colonial Theory. Spend the first half of the paper talking about what this theory is, what are the fundamental aspects of it, and how this theory is connected to theater. Then spend the second half of the paper exploring this theory in a specific real life example of your choosing. This example should be something related to theatre (such as a play, or movie, etc) but more importantly, your example has to be something that you can really discuss and explore how the Post-Colonial theory directly applies. This is a paper about the Post-Colonial theory so do NOT under any circumstances discuss things that are not directly related to this theory and also do not spend any time discussing the plot of your example as it is very unnecessary. Just talk about what specifically relates to the Post-Colonial theory and why. Also please make sure this paper makes sense and flows properly.


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