Why do white people like hip hop?

Watching MTV “ Topics in Visual Culture Issue in Popular Culture Seminar paper guidelines 1. Paper should be 10-12, double-spaced pages; 12 Times New Roman font. 2. Identify your topic and narrow in down as much as possible ? but not too narrow. Examples of topics: ? Representation of youth in music videos in the 1980s and in the 2000s: similarities and differences; ? The construction of “authenticity” in rap music; ? Why do white people like hip hop? A sociological analysis of taste; ? Patriotism in American music. 3. Find five (5) academic resources about your topic. Two (2) articles from a peer-reviewed journal such as Youth & Society, Signs, The Journal of Popular Culture, Journal of Popular Music Studies; Three (3) chapters or articles from books or anthologies published by a University Press. (You can use three (3) books or anthologies and two (2) journals. 4. Formulate your thesis that includes an argument. Be creative and provocative. Examples of thesis arguments: ? In this paper I will argue that the sitcom Will and Grace contributed for the normalization of the gay life style in mainstream culture. ? In this paper I will argue that the drama Sex and the City helped to advance the liberation of young women. ? In this paper I will argue that global hip hop culture connects young people around the world because all youth identify with the desire to rebel against the parents’ generation. ? In this paper I will argue that there in the digital age, there is more than one hegemonic culture 5. The essay should be divided for at least four sections: ? Introduction: Including the topic and the thesis ? Literature review ? Describe your case study or examples from popular culture (television, film, popular music, advertisement, or digital media). Describe the research you have done to find the objects of your study. ? Analyze your examples based on the theoretical approaches that you presented in the second chapter ? Conclusion (the conclusion can include your personal opinion) 6. Your paper should be in dialogue with each of the academic resources that you use. You should explain how they relate to each other and to your thesis, and apply their ideas to the analysis of the subject of your study.


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