One of the problems associated with stage theories

One of the problems associated with stage theories of adult development is that Select one: a. cultural issues are dealt with appropriately. b. the stages are finite and well-understood. c. very few studies take into account women and aging. d. the evidence has been overly consistent.The ability to use abstract concepts is a key component of the ______ stage of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Select one: a. preoperational b. concrete operations c. sensorimotor d. formal operationsNew studies of infidelity and the ways in which men and women think about such behavior reveal Select one: a. women care more than men about emotional infidelity. b. men care more about physical infidelity than emotional infidelity. c. men and women both feel physical infidelity is more than emotional infidelity. d. both men and women were upset most by emotional infidelity.Which of the following would indicate that a human parent and child have formed a strong attachment? Select one: a. imprinting b. infant egocentrism c. separation anxiety d. object permanenceWhich of the following is a criticism of evolutionary theory? Select one: a. Gender differences are not explained well. b. Evolutionary theory can never be tested. c. Parental investment is not included in evolutionary theory. d. Evolutionary theory does not address mating preferences.Which of the following is a limitation of interviews? Select one: a. They place too much emphasis on traits. b. They are not very subjective. c. They lack structure. d. They are artificial situations.


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