I need a response for the discussion below. The response should be at least 150 words

I need a response for the discussion below. The response should be at least 150 words, in APA format with in-text citations. The response should not just repeat what the original post stated, it should expand the conversation. Please cite and reference from

Lucas, Stephen E. (2015). The art of public speaking. (12th ed.)New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education

The guidelines for informative speaking as it lists in “The art of public speaking” on pages 292-299, the first guideline listed is to not over estimate what your audience knows meaning that you cannot assume that your audience knows anything about your topic, so you have to explain thoroughly to the point where the audience have no choice but to understand. The next guideline is to relate your subject to your audience meaning to involve the audience by using words like “you” and “your”. The third guideline is to not be too technical which means that the subject cannot be too specialized for the audience. You have to know what needs to be explained to your audience and what doesn’t. The next guideline is to avoid abstractions which means you need to use more descriptions because it puts an abstract fact into a meaningful view. The fourth guideline is to personalize your ideas which just means not to be too factual. The last guideline is to of course be creative. It is so important to do thorough research before doing your speech because giving out mis informative and inaccurate information can have tragic results. Let’s take president Trump as an example. In an online version of Los Angeles Times, they did an article about our president and his false and mis informative speeches. In one of his speeches it was said that he stated that since his election several big companies including Walmart were going to be investing money into the U.S. and creating thousands of jobs but upon further research they found that one of the big companies had made the decision to expand way before Trumps election, so their decision didn’t have anything to do with our president. A lot of our president’s statistical speeches is often mis informative due to lack of thorough research and not better analyzing his audience’s knowledge.


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