Define the Indian “New Wave” and/or “Golden Age of Indian Cinema”.

This paper is about 5 to 10 pages long and double spaced The paper MUST follow the MLA Style in using references, quotations, pagination, and general formula This research MUST be based on the films that were discussed in lectures, are on Moodle page of the course, and the essays provided on Moodle as reading assignments thus far You are welcome to further the domain of your research should you chose too. However any source used MUST be an academic article from professional Film Studies books or peer-reviewed film and cinema periodicals. The following MUST be included in your Midterm Essay. In other words, you will be marked against the following criteria: Define the Indian “New Wave” and/or “Golden Age of Indian Cinema”. What were its salient principles? What led to its birth? Who were its leading directors?Name and discuss 3 of the major works emerging from the movement. When discussing the films and answering the above questions, keep the following in mind: Sense of historyCinematic Terms in describing scenes, shots, and film techniquesDifferentiating between the idealistic purposes of art cinema and the economic logic of commercial cinemaEuropean/Colonial influenceSocial realism versus melodramaDifference between directors employing song and dance sequences and directors who do not use song and dance sequences


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