How do these factors describe why your topic is an important social issue today?

How do these factors describe why your topic is an important social issue today?

For the first assignment, you will include a description of your research topic as well as an outline for your paper. The specific assignment instructions and grading rubric for Assignment One are linked below. Upload your completed assignment as a document in this area. Select “Add Attachments,” browse to select the document, select continue, and then select submit. Remember to follow the APA-formatting guidelines for all written assignments in the course.

Homework One: Selection of Research Topic and Outline

Overview of Research Paper:

Throughout the course, you will complete a research project that will allow you to utilize your research skills and knowledge of sociology. This project is designed to strengthen your research skills and your ability to critically analyze social issues. You will complete your project in a series of four assignments that will result in the submission of a 12-16 page research paper. The assignments are as follows:

 Assignment One: Research Topic/Outline due Week Two.

 Assignment Two: Annotated Bibliography due Week Four.

 Assignment Three: Rough Draft due Week Six.

 Assignment Four: Final Draft due Week Eight.

In this course, we will address many topics related to gender and society (socialization, media, health, religion, deviance, family, workplace, etc.). The research paper should show a comprehension and analysis of the course readings and course objectives. The weekly readings and sociological theories should serve as a beginning point for your paper and should be incorporated into the final paper.

For the research paper, you will need to select a topic of interest that is related to the course and readings. Incorporate related, scholarly materials (minimum of 10 sources) into your analysis. Also incorporate instructor feedback as you complete each step of the project. A list of potential topics is included below. You will select a topic that interests you and provide a critical analysis of the topic and it’s relevance in contemporary society.


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