create the Porter’s diamond model (about NATION) analysis for the industry.

Porter diamond framework and business strategy
1) (Apply the Pestel factors from PESTEL order to identify the support for the industry (Porter’s diamond model) by the nation and the relevant market boundaries (or what factor causes a customer to prefer one competitor over the other)

In other words: based on the Pestel analysis – create the Porter’s diamond model (about NATION) analysis for the industry. When analyzing the demand conditions include the relevant market boundaries based on your Pestel analysis.)



• 1. Political instability in many countries

• 2. Changes in current legislation

3. Policies for foreign investors

4. Proper security of local and foreign firms

5. Relationship between nations

6. Wars and conflicts Economical

1. Home economy

2. Economy trends in overseas economies

3.GDP and purchasing power of customers

4. Interest/ exchange and inflation rates

5. International trade and monetary issues

6. Investment opportunities and trade balance Social

1. Demographic changes including sex ratio, population density, and majority people age, etc.

2. Cultural and traditional changes

3. Educational and language differences

4. Social safety and benefits

5. Consumer attitudes and opinions on online sites

6. Ethnic/religious factors


1. Technological development and innovation growth

2. Skilled resources

3. Licensing, patents

intellectual property issues

4. Adaptation of new technology

5.Research & Development Environmental

1. Environmental industrial growth

2. Consumer attitudes, opinions and support

3. Climate and natural support

4. Business environment and media support Legal

1. Improper law and legal framework related online sites.

• 2. Customer protection

• 3. Banned of several online sides due to porn, sexy, religious and nation security related videos posted on these sites

• 4. Changes in taxes


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