A literature review has two specific goals:

A literature review has two specific goals:You should think of your literature review as a way to tell a story about your research using sources as guideposts along the way. Think about your role in this as a moderator in a discussion between your sources and your job is to keep them focused on your thesis (this is usually the first section of a research article so you should use the literature reviews of your sources as a model for what we are doing here).You will need a minimum of five (5) sources in your literature review (you will need a total of ten in your Final Project). Consider the following to help you gather these sources:Please note: information from the Internet may not be used for this project unless the source is from an e-journal (a peer-reviewed journal that is published on the web). The organizations website is an exception to this rule but it can only count as one of your ten sources.AssignmentCreate a literature review incorporating each of your references (minimum of five) tying them to each other and to the thesis of your project in a single narrative. You should cite each source in the body of your literature reviewandin a references page at the end of your paper.Your literature review should be arranged in the following way:References: As well as accurate in-text citations your literature review must contain complete and correct APA citations for every source in a references page at the end of your review.


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