Is Chicago a monopolist? Explain.

The Chicago Skyway, a toll bridge connecting Chicago and Indiana, was owned and operated by the City of Chicago. Chicago earned $52 million in tolls beyond the amount needed to meet bond payments and to maintain the Skyway. The excess was used to pay for other transportation expenses. Skyway tolls were higher than those of other area highways. Endsley, a bridge user, joined others in a class action against Chicago claiming that the city’s control of the Skyway provided monopoly power in high-speed limited access travel between Indiana and Chicago and that the city was abusing that power by collecting excessive fees. Chicago demonstrated that at least two alternative, if less desirable, routes were in competition with the Skyway. Is Chicago a monopolist? Explain. See Endsley v. City of Chicago, 230 F.3d 276 (7th Cir. 2000); cert. den. 532 U.S. 972 (2001).


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